What is Dayton Startup Week?

Photo courtesy of @tomgilliamphotographydayton

Photo courtesy of @tomgilliamphotographydayton

By now you’ve probably heard a thing or two about Dayton Startup Week, but you might still be asking yourself the question:

“What exactly is Dayton Startup Week?”

To answer the question, we thought we’d take a look at other cities’ Startup Weeks (yes, that’s right. Startup Week takes place in communities all over the world–not just in Dayton.)

Denver Startup Week

Check out this video that tells about the birth of Startup Week in Denver, Colorado.

Columbus Startup Week

Columbus hosted their first Startup Week in 2015. Check out why they thought it was important to bring the global initiative to their community.

Seattle Startup Week

Seattle believes in the power of a well connected community. Check out how Startup Week helps to connect entrepreneurs to the resources and networks that they need to flourish.

Ready to learn, grow, and connect in your own community?



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