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Our vision for Dayton.

We believe everyone, regardless of their background, should have the ability to determine their own economic prosperity.


We’re doing this by shifting to a culture of human-centered innovation where entrepreneurs are celebrated for creating economic value from scratch.


We will accelerate this process by providing entrepreneurs with the environment, programming, and support to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Our roadmap to get there.

People + Culture = Everything

  • Entrepreneurs are the most important aspect of the ecosystem.
  • Our culture is built on trust–talent, information, resources, and networks are shared quickly.
  • Social capital is just as important as financial capital.
  • People in the community give first.

Be radically inclusive.

  • Diversity takes intentionality.
  • Diversity creates resilience.

Tell the authentic story of our community.

  • Stories must focus on hope, possibility, restoration, and generosity.
  • All successes are celebrated and all failures are met with support.
  • People demonstrating the ideals of the community will be highlighted.

Align short-term goals with the long-term vision.

  • All goals, solutions, and visions must be entrepreneur-centric.
  • This will take time and require a balance of patience and eagerness.

Develop a community of ecosystem builders.

  • An ecosystem builder genuinely cares about the people in the community.
  • An ecosystem builder always looks to invite new people.
  • An ecosystem builder connects people across networks and social boundaries.

Start your business. Build a community.

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