Pints & Preneurs isn’t a networking event. People don’t come here to build their sales pipeline or meet quotas. They come here because they are able to build real relationships with others in the community. People going through the same entrepreneurial struggle. And people genuinely wanting to help.


We’ve heard stories about how founder “x” got connected to a great lawyer at Warped Wing. Or entrepreneur “y” eventually worked a deal with a developer for a prototype at Dayton Beer Company. In 2018, we’re going to accelerate that process by hosting the event at 444 and bringing in more people through programming.


Since we’re adding to the community and hosting the event in an office space, we want to make sure everyone follows a few ground rules:

  1. Build relationships, not sales funnels.
  2. 444 is a home for entrepreneurs. Treat it as your own and help us keep it clean.
  3. Always connect & invite new people in–especially across networks and social boundaries.
  4. Be responsible. You can have up to two beers if you are 21+. If you want more, 444 is a few blocks away from a number of fantastic establishments.


That’s it. Don’t sell. Help clean. Connect people. Be responsible.








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