STEM Whisperers and College Thrifts win Early Risers Academy general cohort pitch

Thursday night, Temitayo (T.) Adeola Osinubi, founder of STEM Whisperers, and Patricia Garcia, founder of College Thrifts, won their Early Risers Academy cohort’s virtual pitch night, each taking [...]

If you’re looking to shop Black-owned businesses

We’ve seen several calls across social media for a directory of Black-owned businesses you can shop & support today. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we’ve tried to pull [...]


The Entrepreneurs Center launches #COVIDPIVOT campaign

The Entrepreneurs Center’s new COVIDPIVOT campaign highlights, explores, aids, and drives entrepreneurial resilience in the unprecedented market circumstances brought on by the global [...]


COVID-19 resources for entrepreneurs & business owners

As the community collectively adapts to halt the spread of COVID-19, we are working to consolidate resources available to assist our entrepreneurs & business owners. We will work to [...]


Support your local cos & startups through COVID-19

As the community collectively adapts to halt the spread of COVID-19, here are some ways you can still support local businesses & startups: Let us know what to add to this list! Email [...]


Good news roundup Winter 2019: Celebrate with these area entrepreneurs!

We’re celebrating milestones big and small with our entrepreneurs and founders! See what our awesome startups have been up to the last couple months, in no particular order: Arcani Coil Care [...]


Payroll biz owner spearheads new all-in-one Nebula HQ software platform

Does your company offer third-party software to your clients? Nebula HQ might be just what you need to cultivate your brand experience, cofounders Bryan Hunter and Paul Schwab say. Bryan founded [...]


Omni Loyalty taps messenger marketing & mobile wallet to help you reach your customers

Elizabeth Presher, founder of Grit & Grace Digital Marketing, describes herself as a ‘small business cheerleader.’ In her digital marketing agency, she loves to work with small businesses, [...]


The Entrepreneur’s Marketplace opens in Wright Dunbar

Looking for a place to sell your retail products without taking on your own storefront? The Entrepreneur’s Marketplace might be the space you’re looking for. Tae Winston opened the [...]


Women founders partner on Dayton-made holiday gift set

Four female founders have partnered on a 2020 Dayton-made holiday gift basket. The Dayton Woman-Owned Business Gift Baskets include baking mixes & espresso salt from Mandy Groszko’s [...]

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