Tech recruiters, nursing moms, healthcare workers could benefit from August Early Risers

Our August Early Risers pitch event will be virtual — join us Friday morning to hear how three local startups are looking to make moves in the tech recruiting, moms’ apparel and COVID [...]


AIMM takes top spot in Early Risers Academy tech cohort pitch competition

Friday afternoon, Luis Estevez, founder of AIMM, won his Early Risers Academy tech cohort’s virtual pitch competition, taking home $1K. Luis has 10+ years of materials science expertise that he [...]


STEM Whisperers and College Thrifts win Early Risers Academy general cohort pitch

Thursday night, Temitayo (T.) Adeola Osinubi, founder of STEM Whisperers, and Patricia Garcia, founder of College Thrifts, won their Early Risers Academy cohort’s virtual pitch night, each taking [...]

If you’re looking to shop Black-owned businesses

We’ve seen several calls across social media for a directory of Black-owned businesses you can shop & support today. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we’ve tried to pull [...]


Automate your social media marketing with Dayton startup

Ever wished you could fully automate your social media marketing? Josh Reid’s startup, Inphlu, is designed for you. Josh owned a digital media marketing agency for about five years. He met with [...]


Springfield rideshare startup gets you AND your car home

A Springfield rideshare startup is looking to tackle drunk driving by getting both you & your vehicle home at the end of the night. Springfield native Bill Perdue launched Your Ride Home last [...]


January Early Risers look to disrupt ride-shares, baby food, social media

We’re excited at the lineup of entrepreneurs slated for this Friday’s Early Risers! Pitches will start promptly at 8a in the BarryStaff Community Room, 230 Webster St, Dayton. You’ll meet: [...]


Omni Loyalty taps messenger marketing & mobile wallet to help you reach your customers

Elizabeth Presher, founder of Grit & Grace Digital Marketing, describes herself as a ‘small business cheerleader.’ In her digital marketing agency, she loves to work with small businesses, [...]


Mogul aims to automate property management

A Dayton startup is working to make the rental experience smoother for both tenants and landlords. Kane Pickrel, a Dayton-based engineer, and Ketul Patel, a pharmacist & property owner, met [...]


Dayton woman launching online museum for the Modern African Diaspora

On Jan. 1, 2020, the Modern African Diaspora Experience will go live. The online museum is the brainchild of Sinclair professor Joyce Barnes & her cofounders, Karol Brown, Kathy Banks, and [...]

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