Theia is the ultimate contact case for travelers

Are you a contact user who has been caught at work or on vacation sans your contact solution? Bernard Dalichau & Nicole Luisi created Theia for you! 

Theia is an innovative contact case that will hold your contacts and your solution in a single device with a pump feature that offers 15 uses per fill up.

Bernard pitched Theia at our August 2019 edition of Early Risers.

He was traveling across Europe via train more than a decade ago when he sketched out the initial design. He was on his way to Germany, but had left his contact solution in Amsterdam. When he met Nicole years later, she connected him with the University of Dayton’s Innovation Center to work on a prototype.

The worldwide market of contact users is $1.8B, Bernard shared. The sliver of U.S. travelers who wear contacts is $130M, he added.

The current tank is patented & takes only 28 seconds to fill. It is TSA-compliant as it holds less than the 3.4-ounce federal liquid limit for flights. And the cofounders are about halfway through the process for FDA approval of the case, which is classified as a medical device.

They’re looking to launch in early 2020 via Kickstarter — sign up here for first notification & see the prototype yourself at our first Launch Pad event on Sept. 26!

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